About Galleria Event Center

Our goal is to provide the space you needed to celebrate your wedding, birthday, meeting or banquet with ease.

Events of every type and size find their ideal space at The Galleria Event Center. Our facility boasts a variety of venue options, including a 8000 square-foot GRAND ROOM, 7800 square-foot GALA ROOM, and 2300 square-foot for special events. Our ample grand foyer will provide the perfect entry point for your guests. Our location has plenty of complimentary parking and handicap accessible. You can rest assured that your event will be perfectly accommodated in one of our fantastic rooms.

At it’s easy to find and in a convenient location:
The Galleria Events Center is located directly South Jackson MS., addressed at 2460 Terry Road, Jackson MS 39204. Jackson Square Galleria Event Center has hosted dozens of corporate meetings, classes, seminars, trade shows, balls, fashion shows, banquets, homecoming parties, proms, and more.

Our grand Rooms:

Galleria l Is 11,266 Sq. Ft., with stage in the middle and booth on the other side. Auditorium has great lobby and restrooms and upstairs Projector room. Just right to the Concession Stand is storage place. We are confident that your event will be perfect in one of our ballrooms. The large parking lot and adjacent additional space can accommodate all of your guests. The facility is also handicap accessible.

Galleria ll Consist of 5 rooms, The Gala, The Chapel, The Majestic, Kids Zone, The Grand, and the Champagne room, each one of these has everything you may need to accomplish a memorable celebration.

Blending excellence in accommodations and a friendly, dedicated staff, The Galleria Event Center has earned a great reputation.
  • Lobby with Event Poster
  • Marquees
  • VIP Area
  • Event Stage
  • Booth or Additional wet bar
  • Upstairs DJ Booth
  • Dressing Rooms
  • Balcony