The Venue

Choosing what type of venue to book for your next party or meeting can be a daunting task, especially in Jackson, MS where the options are limited. Luckily we have great venue space for you, whether you need a venue for small parties, business meetings, or a wedding.


Room Capacity: 150
Looking for a beautiful chapel for your wedding? Look no further you have found the picture-perfect destination for unforgettable weddings and special events. The Chapel an original modern venue at The Galleria sits up to 150 guests who will be witnessing your life time vows with your new significant other. Celebrate your magical ceremony and continue by celebrating your wedding in one of our other rooms.


Room Capacity: 300 With its high ceilings and a stage large enough to accommodate a large band, the Majestic will make any occasion memorable. The Majestic can accommodate 300 people in its unique space. Tables and chairs are included to accommodate your event.


Room Capacity: 150 With its brilliant, bright colors the Kidz Zone is like no other. With its zigzag patterns, the Kidz Zone is not only fun enough for kids but for adults too. This space also holds a stage for anyone to rock out on!


Room Capacity: 350 Upon entrance into the Gala the French doors sets the mode, the pendent lighting captivates the moment and the atmosphere makes any event special. The Gala can accommodate 350 people in its spacious expanse. Table and chairs are included to accommodate your event.


Room Capacity: 125 The Campaign room is in a league of its own. With its beautiful hardwood floors and dim lighting, this room will steal your heart. The feel is set for a small intimate birthday celebration, anniversary party, corporate meeting and so much more.